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Marine strain database

As part of my postdoctoral work, I am generating a library of marine bacteria and phage strains that I am happy to share whenever possible. All strains have been collected from tide pools or the nearshore waters of Long Island Sound (near Guilford, CT, USA). Strains have been cultured in marine agar and broth at 22C, and many have been identified at the genus level (through Sanger sequencing using 331F-797R 16S primers). The field sampling date, sampling site, genus ID, and sequencing trace files are all available below. I have also included whether we have successfully isolated any phages on each strain. This database will be updated as more strains (and information about each strain) are collected.

map of tide pool field sampling location with specific sites labeled
google map screenshot with Guilford, CT circled, and shown relative to New Haven, CT
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